Five Tips For Perfect Fellatio!

Many men find that well performed fellatio is even more enjoyable that penetrative sex. Believe it or not plenty of guys enjoy the submissive aspect of being fellated – that they are completely powerless to the pressure and stimulation being applied to their penis. Of course this puts a fair amount of pressure on the woman (or man!) in performing the blowjob, as poorly performed oral sex is often a major turn-off. Luckily there’s a few hard and fast rules that when carefully applied will go a long way in making for a mind-blowing blowjob.

Build It Up Slowly!

No matter how experienced a guy may be, the prospect of impending fellatio is going to make them extremely horny. Rather than starting straight down on the shaft, it’s a great idea to use this to your advantage and build up slowly. A slow yet playful blowjob (often called edging) is going to deliver a much more powerful climax so before that penis gets close to your mouth, playfully tease the guy. A tickle through the trousers should always work well and throw in a little dirty talk about what you’re going to do if that’s your thing!

Hands Are Important

Good fellatio requires plenty of hand play too. Fingers and thumbs are best used to gently and slowly caress the shaft but be careful – too much pressure or speed will not just be uncomfortable but will likely bring the guy off quicker than they’d like. Fellatio is best used to concentrate not just on the tip of the penis but also the testacles which are often undervalued when it comes to delivering top quality fellatio. Saliva makes for a good natural lubricant but it may be worth using extra lube when delivering a long session. Ask the guy how they like it – some find too much lube uncomfortable especially if they’re uncircumcised.

More On Lube

There’s all sorts of varieties of lube out there and some are specifically designed with oral in mind. These range from flavored products to those which deliver a hot or tingly sensation (but remember that some guys love it while others may find it off putting). If using a condom, lube is going to be a must though. As a rule of thumb most guys will find that the slicker and wetter the blowjob the better their orgasm will be.

Mix It Up!

In regards to fellatio technique, a rookie mistake is just to concentrate on working up and down the shaft, essentially trying to mimic sexual penetration. That’s all fine and well as a feature of classic fellatio but should only be one part of the repertoire. When working the head of the penis don’t just take it in your mouth and suck – rotate the penis carefully around the mouth while tickling it with your tongue. There’s no need to suck too hard either; try to vary this is differing levels of intensity. Don’t forget there’s nothing wrong with coming up for air – it allows a chance to work the shaft and testacles a little too!

Choices For Completion

It should be pretty obvious when climax is near – even if the guy is silently still, which is unlikely if you’re following the tips above – the penis will start to bulge under the build up of pressure. If edging, now’s the time to stop and let the guy cool down for a minute or so. Cruel as it may seem, when you decide to let him go the intensity of the orgasm will blow him into orbit. If letting him ejaculate it’s important to deliver a quality finish. Handy tip: during the build up it’s handy to say if you want him to cum in your mouth or not. Carry on squeezing and/or licking as he ejaculates and for a short while after. The penis becomes extremely sensitive after orgasm so make sure to squeeze any excess sperm out of the shaft.

Job done!

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