The best career of all time

There has been so much controversy between prostitutes and London escorts of but studies show that it is believed they do the same kind of job, which is not true. It’s a very personal kind of job and it takes a strong person to be able to handle it for a while. This doesn’t mean that it is a difficult career, it means that a lot of dedication is required. They do not need to offer sexual services to their clients, it’s a matter of choice. Some may others may not. Fact is they are considered more dignified than prostitutes.

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Here are some of the advantages of being an Escort:

  1. Rules and guidelines.

Unlike in other sexual related jobs, they do have rules that guide them when on duty. Their safety and health is very important and they do anything to protect themselves. Their organization takes care of their safety too. Money never exchanges hands between them and their clients. It should be placed somewhere discreetly in the room. They are allowed to say no for any service that they are not comfortable with, asI said it’s a personal choice.

  1. It’s a recognized profession.

In many countries in the world it’s is considered illegal to offer money directly for sex.This is why the business is not conducted openly.On the other hand London escorts are not paid for sex, it is not in their job description.Their job involves having meals with their clients, travelling and also dating sessions. In case they choose to earn extra money on sex no one will know because it will be between them and their clients.

  1. Good payment.

They do earn good money in a day than anyone can earn in the corporate world in a month.This is caused by the fact that they are more classy and elegant. Their social behavior is great too because they are trained on their etiquette and also on how to perform their duties. Unlike prostitutes who wait for their clients in the streets, they are hired from their organizations.You cannot approach them directly.

  1. Meeting new people.

There is nothing that is so rewarding as going out for dinners or travelling with clients of your choice and getting paid for it. Due to the nature of this job and the kind of money it costs a client, most men can’t afford tithe girls get to meet the top notch men in the society and enjoy their company. They also get to go to new places at no expense. Incase one’s hobby is travelling and meeting people then this becomes real fun for them.

  1. Chance to stay healthy.

When being paid for sex you have to do what your client requires even if it’s against your wish. London escorts of are not victims of this inhuman act.The risk of contracting diseases is minimal.Most of their time is spend on social events or dinners and not on sexual acts.Even thou it is expected that sexual services will be required by their clients there are no guarantees that it has to happen.


As much as this career may be viewed as immoral it actually has its set standards which are unique.I consider it to be the best job as long as you understand the basics.There is freedom of choice and one gets to keep their personality.It can be done as a part time job and being an educated service provider is a plus for this career.Who doesn’t enjoying making good money? I can bet, no one.…

Hot Gorgeous American escorts

For some reason we seem to be getting a lot of hot Gorgeous American escorts in London. Well, we have always had Gorgeous escorts in London, but you have not been able to date American girls. Gents, especially business men, who travel to the US a lot, have always said that Gorgeous American escorts are really hot, and now it seems that they are finally over here. Perhaps this will change things a bit, and it may even escalate the ongoing escort war here in London. London is after all, one of the most popular places in the world to date escorts.

I have always enjoyed dating Gorgeous escorts when I have visited the US, says Nigel. There is something extra raunchy about American escorts. Of course, many of the girls who work as escorts in the US are Gorgeous, and there is something special about them. I have dated Gorgeous babes here in the UK, but it has not been the same. Something has been lacking and I have left the date often wanting something more, and not being able to put my finger on what has gone wrong. American babes are as sexy as hell.

American Gorgeous escorts in London, says Philip with a smile on his face. Now, that is good news. I do travel on both business to the US a lot, and I always date Gorgeous babes in New York. I think they are really super sexy, and I really love the way they treat a gent. Some gents may say that they are too full on but I love that about them. They are always super sexy, and I love the fact that many of them are a bit hotter and sexier than other escorts. Just can’t explain what it is but it is special.

Gorgeous babes in New York are amazing, smiles Julian, and when I date Gorgeous escorts, they simply must be American. I have tried dating Gorgeous girls over here as well but they cannot give you the same experience. I love American escorts because they know what they are all about. Most of the girls that I have dated over there are not shy in coming forward and they seem to know what kind of escorts experience you are looking for. They are amazing and I have spent many New York evenings together with the most amazing hot Gorgeous ladies.

It will be interesting to see what happens, but it appears that one Gorgeous escorts agency owner has really put the cat among the pigeons. London gents seem to be craving hot Gorgeous dates, and it will be fun to see what other hot babes in London, and other escorts agency owners, make of the Gorgeous American babes who have just arrived on the London scene. I am sure this will be a bit of a surprise for almost everybody, it sounds like at least a few gents are planning to enjoy themselves, and make the most of the American talent.…

Would you like some company in Ascot

Don’t think that just because you have left the center of London that you need to sit alone tonight? There are good times girls in all parts of Greater London, and you will even be able to find some hot action in Ascot. This never used to be the best place to do date hot and sexy escorts, but the truth is that things have changed. There is now plenty of opportunity to catch some hot stuff, and all you need to do is to give Ascot escorts a call. This is probably one of the best agencies outside of central London.

Ascot escorts
Ascot escorts

Ascot escorts have been in business for about two years, and during that time, the agency has been able to recruit some really hot talent. This is actually one of the few places in London where you can date all across the spectrum. The truth is that this could perhaps be one of the agencies in Greater London where you can expect to find some action from brunettes, blondes, Black ladies and hot Asian talent as well. Even a lot of elite escorts agencies in London cannot offer that, so this agency is a real turn up for the books.

Yumana has been working as an Asian escorts for the last six months for Ascot escorts like She has previous experience of escorting, and says that this is the busiest that she has ever been. I like working for the escorts service here in Ascot. Unlike so many other agencies, you never sit around and wait for the next date. There are so many gents calling at my door that sometimes that I can’t keep up. At the moment I have a full dating diary to the end of the month, and I am sure that I am just going to get busier.

Just like any other agency, Ascot escorts sometimes struggle to recruit escorts. It is strange says Yumana as this is actually a very good job. It pays well, and you can have some serious fun on the job. What I really like about my job is that I get to meet some really nice gents and have some adult fun with them. Most of my dates are very nice so I think that I am a lucky girls. Not all of the gents that I used to date before were so nice, but here all of the gents are nice, says Yumana.

Dating escorts outside of central London is becoming more popular. Part of this is down to the fact that more people are staying outside of central London. Staying in central London is very expensive and you will find that a lot of people are watching their budgets these days. This includes all of the big companies. Ascot escorts are doing well as they are able to offer hot ladies, and there hourly rates are good as well. That makes a huge difference when it comes to dating, and a lot of agencies are now making lower rates a priority.…

Niche London escorts agencies

Starting a new agency in a city which is really packed out with escorts agencies can be a bit of a risk. However, I did not let that put me off, and I just went in with both guns blazing. But, I soon learned that there was a lot I needed to know. That being said, we were getting dates from almost day one, so that proved to me that I was doing the right thing. Still, I decided to adopt the attitude that life, and work, is all about leaning. The more we learn, the more active we are and that is good.

Okay, I have to own up and say that I have always been really into role play. It started when I played dress up as a little kid, but throughout my life it took on completely new dimensions. Finally, when I joined London escorts, I was a bit of a role play specialist. It was great for the agency as they needed somebody with a sense of fun, and there are a lot of people around London who are into a bit of role play. Of course, not everybody takes it to the extreme that I do, but some people seem to enjoy it more than others.

feeling great with the babes

After I had been working for my London escorts for a few years, I felt that I wanted to move on. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but in the end I came up with the idea of starting my own agency. The truth is that I did not want it to be the same as many of the other agencies that you can find in London. Run of the mill agencies seem to open up every day, but I am not sure how much business they are getting. I thought that a niche agency would do so much better.

I did some research, and I finally open up my own specialist role play agency. My boss thought I was a bit nuts, but it is going really well. I love every moment of what I am doing. At first I thought it was going to be difficult to find girls who liked role play as much as I do, but it really wasn’t. I met some great girls who seemed to enjoy role play as much as I do, and we are having a great time doing what we are good at.

All of the girls who work for my agency are really into being London escorts, and that matters a lot. Not all London escorts feel as passionate about their jobs as we do, and I am sure. My aim is for us to be the be niche London escorts agency in town, and I am sure that will happen. I know that many other niche agencies have opened, and they are doing okay. Perhaps this is the best way forward if you are interested in opening new escorts agencies in London – go niche or not at all!…

Best advice for big boys

I love dating men with big dicks, but giving a blow job to a man with a large dick can be hard work. The other night I went to this singers party and I noticed a woman was struggling to give a blow job to a guy with a massive dick. To be honest, I am sure that most of the girls at London escorts would have thought it to be very funny, but this poor woman was really struggling. She did not seem very relaxed and I must admit that would have helped a lot. I felt tempted to take a photo and share with my friends at London escorts.

When you want to give a man with a big dick a blow job, it is really essential to relax. The first thing that you need to do is to hold his dick with both hands, and then started working it. I love going to swingers parties as you get to have so much fun, but you do come across some funny situations as well. Sometimes, one of the girls at London escorts come with me, and we have some fun together. But, I have to say that not all of the girls at London escorts are into swinging or love to have fun at parties. I keep on wondering if some of the girls take their jobs a bit too seriously.

I did not start to swing because I like men with big dicks. One of the girls that I used to work with at another London escorts service introduced me to swinging and I got really hooked on it.

Swinging is now popular all over London, and many of the girls at our best escorts service are really into it. I think that it is a great way to have some adult fun in a safe environment. After all, I am sure that many of the girls would party anyway, but I am not sure that they would do it safely.

Lots of people out there think that swingers do not practice safe sex. That is not true at all. When O have been to swingers parties with my friends from London escorts, I have always witnessed safe sex. If a guy would to have sex without a condom, all of the girls from London escorts know that it is vital to say no thank you. You do get some couples who are happy to indulge, but most of the time, you will notice that safe sex is practised at most swingers parties.

If you would like to try something different, and perhaps more diverse adult fun, you should check out a local swingers club near you. There are plenty of swingers clubs in and around London, and the craft is becoming more and more popular. Most of the girls from my London escorts were a bit shy at first, but now they feel fine about. Swinging should always be fun, and when you do it right, you can get a real kick out of. But, you need to watch out for big dicks. There are plenty of big dicks at swingers parties, and if you can handle them, you may be better off asking for some advice.…

Five Tips For Perfect Fellatio!

Many men find that well performed fellatio is even more enjoyable that penetrative sex. Believe it or not plenty of guys enjoy the submissive aspect of being fellated – that they are completely powerless to the pressure and stimulation being applied to their penis. Of course this puts a fair amount of pressure on the woman (or man!) in performing the blowjob, as poorly performed oral sex is often a major turn-off. Luckily there’s a few hard and fast rules that when carefully applied will go a long way in making for a mind-blowing blowjob.

Build It Up Slowly!

No matter how experienced a guy may be, the prospect of impending fellatio is going to make them extremely horny. Rather than starting straight down on the shaft, it’s a great idea to use this to your advantage and build up slowly. A slow yet playful blowjob (often called edging) is going to deliver a much more powerful climax so before that penis gets close to your mouth, playfully tease the guy. A tickle through the trousers should always work well and throw in a little dirty talk about what you’re going to do if that’s your thing!

Hands Are Important

Good fellatio requires plenty of hand play too. Fingers and thumbs are best used to gently and slowly caress the shaft but be careful – too much pressure or speed will not just be uncomfortable but will likely bring the guy off quicker than they’d like. Fellatio is best used to concentrate not just on the tip of the penis but also the testacles which are often undervalued when it comes to delivering top quality fellatio. Saliva makes for a good natural lubricant but it may be worth using extra lube when delivering a long session. Ask the guy how they like it – some find too much lube uncomfortable especially if they’re uncircumcised.

More On Lube

There’s all sorts of varieties of lube out there and some are specifically designed with oral in mind. These range from flavored products to those which deliver a hot or tingly sensation (but remember that some guys love it while others may find it off putting). If using a condom, lube is going to be a must though. As a rule of thumb most guys will find that the slicker and wetter the blowjob the better their orgasm will be.

Mix It Up!

In regards to fellatio technique, a rookie mistake is just to concentrate on working up and down the shaft, essentially trying to mimic sexual penetration. That’s all fine and well as a feature of classic fellatio but should only be one part of the repertoire. When working the head of the penis don’t just take it in your mouth and suck – rotate the penis carefully around the mouth while tickling it with your tongue. There’s no need to suck too hard either; try to vary this is differing levels of intensity. Don’t forget there’s nothing wrong with coming up for air – it allows a chance to work the shaft and testacles a little too!

Choices For Completion

It should be pretty obvious when climax is near – even if the guy is silently still, which is unlikely if you’re following the tips above – the penis will start to bulge under the build up of pressure. If edging, now’s the time to stop and let the guy cool down for a minute or so. Cruel as it may seem, when you decide to let him go the intensity of the orgasm will blow him into orbit. If letting him ejaculate it’s important to deliver a quality finish. Handy tip: during the build up it’s handy to say if you want him to cum in your mouth or not. Carry on squeezing and/or licking as he ejaculates and for a short while after. The penis becomes extremely sensitive after orgasm so make sure to squeeze any excess sperm out of the shaft.

Job done!

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